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First post!!!

Hi! I came across this community and thought it would be fun. I'm 25, and have been dancing for more of my life than not. I started Tap, Jazz and Ballet lessons when I was 6, and haven't stopped dancing since. I love dance of all kinds, but Tap has always held a special place in my heart. I had gotten away from it when I was doing my undergrad studies, as I didn't have a studio to go to, but got back into it when I moved down to NYC (Broadway Dance Center). Since moving down to DC in August, I haven't gotten a chance to break out the tap shoes again, but I hope to soon, and until then, I'll just have to be satisfied with tapping while waiting for the train to come. :)

"Come and meet, those dancing feet..."
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I took Goodson once, I prefer Steps. I just love Schwab and I want to try Tribble.

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I was taking classes with Salsberg, and I absolutely loved her! I hadn't taken in over 4 years, and my feet were really stiff, and she was so good at working with the class and just getting that looseness back, in the time of 8 months. By the end of my time with her, my double pullbacks were starting to come back, and my speed was really getting better. It's been a few months, and once I get through my papers (2/28!) I'll find a studio and try my luck there.
ooo. dc area. Me too, sort of. A really good place for tap down there is i think called joy of motion or something like that. I don't remember exactly, but i remember its really good.